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Quit smoking - One step closer to cheap car insurance

You may have got cheap car insurance some time ago if you have smoked while driving, but not any longer, as a new regulation in the Highway Code has recently changed.

Time to quit smoking, now, to get cheap car insurance

To obtain a cheap car insurance will be really difficult for many smokers in the future. Some may still ignore the new rules. As a matter of fact, later on if they find it increasingly hard to get cheap car insurance, it is more likely that they may choose to change their habits, not just for weight loss or high blood pressure prevention.

Besides, motorists or car drivers could face a fine and/or points on their licence, making them even harder to obtain cheap car insurance, if they still continue smoking while driving.

Here are some hard facts. Not long ago, folks at esure revealed their results on the correlation of smoking behind the wheel and car accidents. Their study shows that this behaviour not only go against the new rulings, but also could lead to very dangerous accidents. They advised car drivers or motorists that, if you wnated to find cheap car insurance you have dreamed of, you have to pay ALL your attention on the road. According to their research, you should always minimize, or better ever, to completely avoid any distractions to cause a motorist or car driver to lose concentration, or leave their hands off the wheel.

Why the new code?

Around three million people almost have had accidents because they were distracted from lighting their cigarettes. If you used to be able to obtain cheap car insurance when smoking while driving, the new regulations will definetely stop that. When you violate the new code, you will

get points on the your driving record, which will prevent you from getting cheap car insurance premiums from insurers, even if they used to be able to offer you a low auto insurance premiums to your same cars.

So you see one more benefits for quitting smoke, in addition to weight loss and high blood pressure prevention. Is this enough to convince you to stop smoking now?

More to come

Cheap car insurance is not only for those non-smokers, but also for drivers who live in certain safer areas with low crimes, or park their car in a safer place like, say, in a garage. People who have more stable or "safer" jobs are more likely to get cheap car insurance too. If you keep modifying your car or motorcycle as a hobby, you may find it hard to get a cheap auto insurance premium, unfortunately, because insurance companies do not like risks. We'll cover the rest in other articles about how to get cheap car insurance.

Note: More info will be coming soon ...

one step closer to cheap car insurance

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